Tuesday, 19 March 2013

19 march plate

it's the consistency that's so impressive, isn't it?!

ok - this whole plating thing is really wearing off now. who's idea was this? i don't know how many more we can be bothered with (i can't even remember what we ate last night let alone think about pictures. oh. n tells me filo pie with spinach and feta. you'll have to use your imagination).

but tonight, i did have another go at making food pretty. see my lime garnish? i looked it up on youtube. it's surprisingly difficult to slice lime that thin. took a whole lime in the attempt. lime carnage. but hey, it's not parsley!
soft corn taco with chicken, rocket, avocado, and jalapeno sauce (and LIME)
one thing i have really noticed is how much what we eat differs from restaurant food.  i always just think about the taste, where i think we hold our own. but you may have noticed a distinct lack of jus or garnish, or anything that would require tweezers in application. 

we're losing momentum. i think the end is near.


Edith said...

I think you've made a valient effort on a difficult undertaking, especially to keep it up for a whole month. Not only does a busy, hungry home cook not have as much expertise, they do not have the ingredients on hand either to do what is done professionally. Also, I've noted most of the time, except for really pricy restaurants, the garnish is a piece of lettuce or parsley with a small orange slice to the side, just taking up space on the plate. Good on ya for giving it a try!
- Auntie Edith