Monday, 14 July 2014



i'm currently working for weeks at a stretch and in order to maintain this pace without resorting to locking myself in the loo and having an ugly-cry, i need to be in bed by 9 at the latest. 830 ideally. this does not leave much time for other activities to say the least but it seems to be working as i am still more or less sane in a project of abject madness. so far we've moved 750 people in two weeks into a building that is not finished by anyone's definition. fun and games people - fun and games. to be honest, it's going quite well, considering. between us four move managers we have a lot of experience and that is basically saving our asses. we can see the fuck ups far ahead on the horizon because we have all, individually, at one point or another, fucked it up ourselves sometime in the past. not to say there won't be some surprises ahead, but it helps.

which makes me wonder why people disparage getting older to such a degree. as far as i can see, getting older is not only fun and brilliant, but also makes life much easier and thus more enjoyable.  surely a few wrinkles and extra pounds are a bargain in exchange.

although what do i know. i was so tired this morning i tried to put the coffee pot back in the fridge and it was only the fact that there was no room that clued me in, after butting it against the shelf for about a minute. mornings, always my nemesis, are becoming a bit of a problem. last week i whacked my elbow on the door frame (so hard i thought i might actually throw up) because i didn't equate the fact that i was going through a doorway as being antithetical to pulling on my cardigan.

the whole summer will be like this - but i do have two days off this coming weekend after 20 days on the trot - a breather amongst the chaos - a chance for the bruises to heal :)

Friday, 11 July 2014


"i once shook hands with pat boone. my whole right side sobered up." - dean martin