Saturday, 15 August 2009

ahhh saturday

it's saturday morning - n is doing something clever and talented with music software, h is snoozing, until very recently with his head on my leg while i drank coffee and read - there's a wet patch on my thigh from his nose. it's cloudy but the met office swears it will be sunny later. we need to finish our coffee, grab some breakfast and head out into the fields to get blackberries before it gets too hot to be out in heavy trousers and thick boots and gloves. it seems the best blackberries this year are well defended by nettle patches so precautions must be taken.

we've been drinking elderberry wine that we started this time last year, and it is so good that it has spurred us on to pick lots this year so we have the same pleasure next year. I highly recommend this as a motivational technique, if you can bear to wait long enough.

this is my last free weekend before my project at work kicks off with a series of five weekend moves, all of which i will have to supervise. knowing that makes this weekend particularly sweet and luxurious. it also defends against allegations of laziness and sloth. one must conserve energy after all. although, as my mom pointed out, i am not actually very lazy, i just have different priorities (aren't mothers just fantastic at putting a positive spin on things?!). picking berries for wine is much much more fun than dusting.

Sunday, 2 August 2009


goal of weekend: to get organised - put all that paper away, check accounts, find receipts for expenses, file work stuff, put away alarmingly swaying tower of clothing in bedroom, dig out drycleaning from aforementioned tower etc etc.

time spent avoiding the above: 48 hours

time organisation actually took: 45 minutes

i know. i know.