Thursday, 31 March 2016

Sunday, 27 March 2016

ps lopi mania

young felix loved the easter egg hunt, brunch was fabulous, and i've spent the rest of the afternoon and evening  knitting (it is blowing a gale and pouring with rain so this is sensible. ahem.) i'm in the heady yoke section of n's lopi and i think i may even finish tomorrow. the magic of watching the pattern emerge is 
so. much. fun.
it ees maaggiiiicccccc!
i think my hands are going to fall off.

hoppy easter!

it's the calm before the storm. in about twenty minutes felix and his parents and grandparents will arrive and all hell will break loose (in the best possible way). we've made an easter egg hunt with rhyming clues (and far far too much chocolate) so hopefully young felix will be entertained. i don't know if he'll have the attention span for it - we'll see how it goes. doesn't matter really - n and i had a blast making it all up so there's already been good entertainment value. we're having a brunch of hot crossed buns, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, feta and hard boiled eggs.

i tried to make natural easter egg dyes this year (6 of them are ok but the other 6 look like something that survived the plague). the dyes were fine - red onion skins for pink, yellow onion skins for orange, red cabbage for blue. however i forgot that all our eggs here are brown so the pink ones look like burnished wood (interesting but not particularly appetising), the orange ones are ok, and the less said about the blue ones the better.

i'm starving. i might need to sample one or two of those mini eggs. you know - just to make sure they're ok :)

happy easter!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

change of plan

we were supposed to be driving up to winchcombe in the cotswalds this weekend to visit n's uncle but we've been derailed by a nasty cold that has left us spluttering with phlegm and cursing the heavens (quietly - it also comes with a very sore throat).  germs not being the hostess gift we had in mind, we've rebooked and now have an unexpected free weekend in which to recover (and knit! and read!) so i have gotten over my disappointment rather quickly.

i am still obsessed by lopi jumpers - i am halfway up the body on n's already. they knit up so fast and i love how the interesting bit at the yoke is last so you always have something to look forward to. i think at this rate (and especially after this weekend) i should be at the yoke in another week. whoohoo! no one ever tells you how exciting knitting can be. i still remember the first time i figured out cables. i thought that the lopi shade card would help me pick what colour i want my next one to be but it has had pretty much the opposite effect as i now want them all. well maybe not the pink but pretty much everything else. colour junkie.

n's still in bed and as there is no way i'm going for a run this morning (my throat has nearly exited my body at the very thought) it seems like there is nothing for it but to laze on the sofa with a cup of coffee and my kindle. oh the horror! (grin)

happy weekend everybody

Wednesday, 2 March 2016