Monday, 4 July 2016

the third night

it's the third night back in the uk from our canada trip and jet lag has once again come to bite my arse. it's always the third night. n is happily snoring away - and i was tired - sleepy even - i put up my book and turned out the light and....

45 minutes later i got up. maybe i should just make myself lie there but i start feeling antsy. tired and antsy and horribly horribly awake. i sleep the first two nights and i always think maybe this time it will be ok - but no. bastard jet lag just hangs out till you've relaxed your guard and then whammo.

oh well. i should really be used to this. and is it so bad, really? so i'm awake. i have some very good books to read, i have a nice glass of wine. maybe it's because i know i have to go to work tomorrow (i worked from home today) but i can go in late - it will be fine. i am going to try to just go with it. be one with the lag. perspectives on jet lag.