Sunday, 14 July 2013

to sleep perchance...

we flew back to london from vancouver yesterday - arriving at 7 am. that left a long day ahead in which to not sleep in (sorry grammarians). we managed this with the help of several friends and our local pub. i did cheat and slept for 20 minutes on the couch and when n woke me up i had no idea what time it was, where i was, or even what country i was in.

it worked though, and when i finally crashed out at 9pm i slept like a log - or a dog - or whatever - the sleep of the damned - the sleep of rocks and mythical babies. i woke up at 8 and made myself get up, although i could not bring myself to get out of bed before the coffee was done - uprightedness and caffeine are bed-fellows today. bed fellows - oh bed - i dream of you - upstairs in all your flat and pillowed beauty. how can we allow ourselves to be separated like this? how can such a luscious thing like sleep ever be a bad idea? jetlag you devil - you can twist even the most divine relationship into shriveled, head-achy poison.

clearly i am no longer making sense, so i will leave with a picture of my holiday wool stash.

ahh the pretties. almost as pretty as a fresh, turned down bed...they make wool duvets, you know - doesn't that sound blissful?