Sunday, 21 February 2010

not just genocide

this term i'm doing an intensive class instead of a weekly class. it's the last class of the degree requirement (!!!) so once it's done there's just the small matter of a dissertation to research and write (*cough*) and i will be done. the class is in international criminal law and comprises 3 hours last friday evening, 7 hours yesterday and 7 hours next saturday.

"that's a long time focusing on genocide" my partner sympathised.

"oh it's not just genocide", i chirped back brightly, without thinking, "there's rape and torture too"

these are the sort of conversations that give the wrong impression when overheard in the pub.

today was spent doing not a lot. i did exit the house to walk the dog and get a paper but other than that it was all about reading, bathing, vegging and snacking, and i'm thinking longingly about bed already (time 8:35pm). ahh bed. i keep up this pretense that i will be going up early "to read" but we both know this is optimistic at best unless i can read by osmosis through the book that's fallen on my face. if we slow down as we age i'll be stationary by 50.

it's a busy week ahead filled with activities that virtually ensure i'll be drinking good wine most evenings, thus finalising my thud off of the "no alcohol from mon - thurs" wagon. but it's february for gods sake. you do what you need to survive. can't all be genocide and torture you know.

Friday, 12 February 2010



the original ad (i know - ads - i'm sorry. trust me though :) )

and a great response: