Saturday, 25 October 2008

tee hee

read today in the paper

"And there are naughty jokes, such as the one about the woman who flies into Boston eager to enjoy a plate of the fish for which that city is famous. 'Where can I get scrod?' she asks the driver as she gets into the cab. 'Gee,' he replies, 'I've never heard it put in the pluperfect subjective before.'"

Friday, 10 October 2008

The Definite Article

It's because you want to know
It's because you need to know
It's because you can
It's because you question
It's because you are not a sheep
even though sometimes you want to be
but not really

It's because it's more interesting
It's because the music is better
and dancing is more fun
when you just don't care
and you make funky faces
without even realising

It's because it's there
and the soft option is not an option
that you are interested in

It's because light is fascinating
and clouds

It's because of the solace in trees

It's because the ideas
the language
the people
are all alive - and so are you

And it might be a coincidence
Or it might not be

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Three Week Stupid Period


It's a three week stupid period. That explains a lot about life at the moment.

We used to share a house with a guy who was into his astrology, at least on a birth chart, planetary level, not horoscopes that you would read in papers. Although he would read those for fun sometimes, scoffing as he went: "Ha - Sagittarius lucky today? With that moon aspect? You're having a laugh!" Anyways, he called Mercury retrograde three-week stupid periods, and it stuck. We lived with him for several years, and it seemed pretty consistent. Mercury retrograde more often than not seemed to mean communication snarl ups, computers crashing, schedules missing, etc. It's supposed to be a great time for finishing projects (what? You're supposed to finish projects?), but also a good time to back up your hard drive.

Starting your Masters degree in a three week stupid period is probably not ideal, but - what can you do? Perhaps, it could be viewed as a continuation, and therefore not a start. I may phone and check that my enrollment papers were received though.