Tuesday, 16 September 2014


well! september!

i have to admit, i've completely lost my sense of time. working 7 day weeks with only the odd day off for a few months will do that to a person. it became a running joke with our team. in one meeting i was gloating, having correctly remembered that it was wednesday, only to realise i was talking about the wednesday previous. that gloat was rather short-lived.

in some ways it's nice working like that. life becomes quite simple. you get up, you go to work. you come home, you have a glass of wine, you go to bed. simple.

the project went very well, which i am sure contributes greatly to my current feelings about the summer. we moved over 3000 people between 6 buildings in 8 weeks. 2500 of these moves were into a building that was "under extensive snagging" - translated: yes there is a goods lift but if you need it to move in your 2000 filing crates you are going to have to duke it out with 600 construction guys all trying to get whatever they need done before opening on monday. in the same 8 weeks we also closed one building (emptied and handed back to landlord) and completely re-designed two large floors in another building. that was the worst bit i think. for about 2 weeks i thought my head might explode.

now it's all settling down. how boring. how dull. how sparse my pay seems without all that overtime.

but how nice to get up in the morning and have time to go along on humph's walk. how nice to read the papers in the pub. how nice to get my dreams back. it seems cruel that, having dealt with people and filing and furniture all day - you close your eyes and - presto! people and filing and furniture all night. i did every move at least twice.

and it's september! my favourite time of year (n says i say this every season but i swear this really is it). fog in the morning, leaves starting to fall, the beautiful light in the evening - and in the uk at least, the calendars are starting to book up for christmas. delightful. i feel so energised in the autumn. this is the true new year. who wants to start something new in january?

so if you saw july and august, tell them i said hi. onwards and upwards!