Saturday, 12 October 2013

cheer up they said, it could always be worse. and sure enough - i cheered up, and it got worse

hello my friends - this evening you find me giddy with tiredness - but stubbornly unwilling to go to bed. I had a move today which required me to open the site at 7am. on saturday. i know. i caught the 528 train (!!!!!!!) and i caught the 5:25 (PM) train from london back to faversham. long day. now it's 10pm, and i have fake energy (hello wine!) and real pain relief (oh my feet - the rest of me can still do these moves - but my feet - good lord - why do some bits just seem to wear out faster than other bits? and me, a sensible shoe girl. but after 6 or so hours on my feet - oh. ow. ow.)

i was moving a team out of a building that borders st pancras church - there's a small park, and many old trees and interesting graves and memorial markers. it's very charming. all the more so, because of the picture i saw in the kitchen, which shows the beatles posing in the same park, with arrows pointing to the place where it was taken. all day, when i walked down that bit, i thought - the beatles walked here. **frisson**

although i bet they weren't worrying about whether the two crews they had on site were going to actually come to blows, or wondering what they were going to do because the tall cabinets the client ordered will most definitely NOT go up the narrow, twisting, victorian staircase. maybe they had bigger things on their mind. or perhaps all of our worries are relative.

when i arrived, it was still dark, and a few hours later, i looked out the window and was amazed to see sunlight- more specifically lighting up just one tree - 

the excalibur of trees.

one of the park wardens once told me that they found a hoard of boadicea's armour in the churchyard - maybe we should be digging under that tree...

ps thanks dad for the title and mom for reminding me. it's made me laugh all week