Thursday, 28 January 2010


this made me laugh.

sorry for the light postings - lazy, busy, lazy - hard to tell the difference sometimes.

i'm in the middle of a 19-day stretch doing moves on one of the floors in the main council building where i work - they're going amazingly well and i'm pleased but there's so much to keep in my head - i'm afraid it's leaking out all over the place. this morning i woke up at 630 am - wide-awake and slightly shivery, filled with the dread conviction that i had ordered one set of lockers too few for the property team. when i got to work i discovered that i had ordered the right amount. lockers. hardly life or death, and certainly not worth losing sleep over. like i said, my head's too full.

there's lots of fun in it too though. nothing that would translate to a page but moments all the time where you just have to laugh at what we humans can get up too. nothing like change to bring out our inner qualities!

Friday, 1 January 2010

blue moon and happy new year

it was a blue moon yesterday - that's gotta be an auspicious start to the new year and new decade. blue moons, in case you didn't know, happen when there are two full moons in one calendar month. here in the uk, last night's moon was hidden under angry clouds of sleet and obscured by howling winds, but tonight it is luminous (well of course it would be!) and huge. reminds me of a bruce cockburn lyric when he writes that "the moon was hanging so low in the sky it looked like it was trying to hatch us..."

makes me think of the singing mice in babe as well, they sang "blue moon". i am such a sucker for talking animals.

we had a good new year - we went to a dinner party at friends of ours in town. they cooked an amazing feast and we then proceeded to dance the old year out and the new one in beside a roaring fire. we're somewhat subdued today. i slept in shockingly late, then when i finally did get up i padded downstairs to get some melon slices and a cup of coffee and promptly crawled back into bed with a good book. ahh bliss.

it feels like sunday - complete with the back to school feeling that never quite leaves even though the original cause is long forgotten. i keep telling myself it's friday night but self isn't convinced by paltry calendar evidence. self will undoubtedly be elated tomorrow morning to wake up to saturday and not monday.

happy new year

may all your wishes come true (but only if they're good for you or at least really, really fun).