Sunday, 5 June 2016

calm before storm

it's sunday afternoon. the weather is - if not hot, certainly acceptable. we have just finished an epic 5 hour very lazy bbq. the sort where we cook something, then eat it, then cook something else, then replenish the coals because we have taken so long the fire will go out, then repeat and repeat and repeat. everything is green and the trees are full of birds and squirrels and i am full to the brim with prawns and sea bass and lamb chops and asparagus. and wine :)

the plan is to have a lazy afternoon bbq then go in and get sorted for we leave on saturday for our triennial pilgrimage to the old (new) country. n has gone inside - i can hear him rustling about in the kitchen. i need to go in and help him. there are dishes to wash, a table to clear (it is more a magnet for detritus than anything else), a new work week to prep for - and if we get on with it and sort it out then we can lounge about watching telly and eating popcorn.

but - it is so lovely out here. and one of my favourite songs has come on the shuffle player. i don't want to go in.

oh god he's washing the dishes. i can hear them clinking.

there's nothing for it i'm going to have to go in and (shudder) tidy up.

happy weekend. may your dishes be done quickly and your bbqs stretch into infinity x