Sunday, 27 February 2011

february made me shiver

normally, i am an optimistic, naive being who nauseatingly exclaims at every season, " oh i LOVE (fill in season here). i think it's my favourite. think of the beer gardens/fireplaces/lambs/autumn leaves/bbq's/stews/asparagus/etc" it's a disgusting habit which should get me smacked but none-the-less, i persist.

there is one gigantic, 28-day exception to this rule and that is february. february can bite my arse. there are only two decent things about february as far as i am concerned - one is it's my mom's birthday on the 24th (happy birthday mom! i did actually send you a (late) card - try not to fall off your chair when it arrives). the other is that if you make elderflower wine in late june, you bottle (and drink) it in february, and it tastes like summer. keeps you going.

this february has been particularly pernicious because my dad has been ill. he is in winnipeg, with my afore-mentioned, recently-birthdayed (ok it's not a word but it should be) mom. i am in kent, uk. in case you missed the subtlety of my two con-joined statements, i am bloody far away, and feeling it.

be lucky march - we're counting on you.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

socks and drugs and rock'n'roll part two

first socks! oh yeah baby - the addiction is complete. they say the first high is the best - i'll keep you posted.