Monday, 14 December 2015

and out the other side (hopefully!)

i passed my exam.

n's job has finished.

physio is kicking in and my foot is slowly getting better.

four more days of work then two weeks of christmas holiday.

my sense of humour is speaking to me again.

ditto sense of ridiculousness, beauty, and some degree of patience.

i think it's going to be ok.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


*in honour of bloom county. welcome back bill!!!!!

my project management exam is tomorrow.

that is all.

actually no - that is not all.

**warning - superfluous unwarranted moaning ahead**

my foray into housekeeping is disastrous. the dishes never end - i can't seem to get them properly clean no matter what i do and how hard can it be??? i have two degrees for fucks sake and i can't clean a wine glass????? i'm starting to take it personally. the chicken curry i am making for supper has the ominous first line ending "and marinade for 2 hours" which i knew but somehow conveniently forgot until an hour before we are supposed to eat it. the uk is debating bombing syria like it is some sort of game of risk and not at all like they wanted to do the same thing but on the other side a few months ago and no one seems to be batting an eyelid. how is this even a debate? these are educated men? in what weird post-empire hallucination could this ever be considered a good or even rational idea? between n and i we are working over 100 hundred hour weeks (mostly him to be fair) and not only do i miss him but the wheels are coming off of this whole "civilised lifestyle" thing we've been attempting. turns out it is shockingly reliant on someone actually being in the house cooking stuff or cleaning stuff (or in the shop buying stuff). and my heel hurts. for no reason it really really really really hurts. it started last week - just started aching, and it has got steadily worse. i can't run. i can barely walk. it really hurts. i didn't fall or pull anything (that i noticed - i'm not THAT old) it just started hurting and now it's trying to kill me. and my project management exam is tomorrow.

i can't even be bothered to be cranky. i just want it all to go away.