Saturday, 6 December 2008

not a good week

I'm ill. I'm not very good at being ill. I complain alot. I am currently matching Humphrey for pathetic looks and sighs. I seem to have the flu. Fever, aches, pains, sniffles (if you can call what feels like niagra falls attempting to exit my face by any means necessary "sniffles") and a deep and nasty cough that leaves me unsure of whether to clutch my head or my lungs. I wish I could clutch my lungs. I would haul them out, read them the riot act, give them a good cleaning out and pop those puppies back in with strict instructions to do better next time. luckily i do not get sick like this often, but god, does it ever suck.

We are supposed to be on the last weekend of super cleaning in prep for the parental arrivaltude next week but that is suddenly not looking so important.

and yes, the week preceding the arrival of the phlegm was also terrible. more on that later. i've run out of steam and must sleep now.......