Wednesday, 18 November 2015

productivity! hear me ..... *yawn*

today i locked up my inner sloth and got things done. oh yes. i made a list and everything. and most of that list is ticked off. except the 'iron shirts' but that was just hopeless optimistic naivety and is never going to happen unless i have a job interview or something. i cleaned the bathroom (even the floor! no mom - that does not mean i don't usually clean the floor - ok i don't usually clean the floor. sorry.) i did laundry and made chicken stock. i did the dishes (oh god they never end do they? never ever end. it'a good thing they're associated with something i love so much or i would never do them either and we'd eat off of paper plates). i studied for my project management exam (it's in 2 weeks. imagine how much i'll accomplish avoiding that baby?) and i answered a shit ton (technical project management term) of emails. i bought groceries (from a list! even loo roll! i am so grown up today) and i have even practised my trombone. oh yeah, and a 8.2 km run.

the run was amazing - the weather is due to change this weekend so this was probably the last run in shorts and a tshirt. the sun shone, the trees waved in the wind, and i loved every minute of it. except the bit where my socks wore out and i landed up with a big bloody (literally - very gross) blister on my left heel. the universe will not abide perfection. but the feeling of pounding down the lanes in the wind - just fantastic.

there's a lot to be said for slothfulness you know. i'm knackered. i can't believe it's only 6pm. i still have to make dinner and there's more dishes (surprise!) and i still haven't put the hoover away (it has a cord that is not only a trip hazard, but seems to possess agency and lies in wait. it does not go quietly.)

but first a well earned beer and a graceful collapse onto the sofa. i may even try this again sometime next year...