Friday, 27 June 2014

and another thing

i just finished listening to "love nina" by nina stibbe which i loved. i found it a little strange at first but once i got into the flow i really enjoyed it. it's a glimpse into the mundane every-day conversations and stuff of life. she writes a lot of dialog verbatim and i loved hearing it.  the audio book is read by her which makes it even better.

i'm shamelessly copying this.

here's the whats app thread from the meeting our boss attended re pc:

boss: it's not a job it's a fucking adventure
x: and you get paid for it too! aren't you a lucky boy?
boss: WE are all very lucky
x: nah we're not lucky, we're fabulous
boss: we are fabulously moving people next week


generally, when one is moving 3000 people into a newly-built building, one would prefer that building to be finished. one would expect to see carpet, lighting - even, say, furniture.

it appears that this is not a universal view.

the phrase "partial practical completion" (pc) is one that is taking on a horrible if inevitable resonance this week. it is left undefined, as if to add to its already considerable mystery.

this time next week, we are expected to move 450 people into this building. we are assured that full pc will happen before the move, or if not before the move, "before monday for sure".

this fills us with confidence.

on the other hand i'm not really stressed out anymore because there is nothing i can do. i cannot fix this. i can't make it better. there is no idea i could possibly have that will solve everything. this is, frankly, somewhat of a relief. the next two months are going to be a shit storm of epic proportions and all i can do is keep my head down and breath through my nose.

this is going to be interesting...

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

bye bye blackbird

this is my last evening of my 30's. i didn't think i really cared that much but it does in fact feel a little weird. i'm not afraid to get older - far from it (as my dad always said - it's better than the alternative!). it just feels sort of more there somehow. 

when my dad died, i realised in a new way that life will give you enough reasons to cry without even trying, so it's not a bad idea to really enjoy the celebrations. and i have some serious fun planned - but first - look at this!!

this is the first painting i've ever bought - and i bought it at an opening night gallery viewing no less! it's painted by a local faversham woman who is also a friend of one of my friends. she delivered it to me this evening. it's a painting of seasalter on a grey english day - i love how the painting almost squeezes you out - it's not trying at all. i love how it's not trying to be pretty - just real. the flash makes it look brighter than it really is. i know this spot on the beach well and i love it. happy birthday!! 

i have booked tomorrow off work and we are going to seasalter, funnily enough, to partake of  the sportsman's tasting menu for lunch. this is also the first tasting menu i've ever eaten and i am so excited i cannot tell you. we had our wedding lunch at the sportsman, and many celebratory meals over the years. this one is to celebrate me turning 40 as well as our 20th anniversary together which we did not quite get around to doing anything with at christmas. we are to arrive at 12 and allow "at least 3 1/2 hours". be still my beating heart.

then friday we are having a small party at our house. just local friends, lots of wine, and some good food. the weather even looks like it is cooperating - though friday is too far away to be sure when you live on a small capricious windswept island. 

celebrations indeed!

my 30's were not easy but they were satisfying. i gained two degrees but lost my dad. i spent £40k (see degrees) and then paid it back. i worked hard and had a lot of fun. i've made a lot of new friends and connected with old friends. i have learned a bit more about stamina and strength which takes some of the fear of the unknown away.  i'm proud of what i accomplished, but i'm not sorry to see the hind end of these years. 

so there's my self-absorbed recap! i'm curious to see what's next. i really hoped i would be wiser by now but we are t-minus-4 hours and i am still daft so it is not looking likely. 50 perhaps? 

Friday, 6 June 2014

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


i finally finished my birch shawl and tonight i blocked it :) this has been the most daunting lace project yet - mostly because of the wool - it's knit in kid silk haze which is a mohair-silk blend. it is about as thick as a cobweb and fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy. you cannot rip it back as all those little hairs grip tighter than anything and you are left with a useless pile of scrambled fuzz.
this pattern starts at the long end with "cast on 299 stitches". in kid silk haze. right.

how any knitter gets past this line shows the tenacity of the human spirit.

i had to do it twice.

at some point tenacity turns into stupidity.

i don't know if i like it or not. i like the idea of it. i loved knitting it (after the first heart-stopping pattern repeat or so). i find triangular shawls very hard to wear, not possessing that european chic skill of turning any piece of cloth into a devil-may-care looks-so-damn-easy just-threw-this-on perfect accessory. we'll see. i actually had someone else in mind when i was knitting it but it's not right for her. maybe it will be right for someone else. or maybe we will fall in love and run away and be chic together.

in other news, i haven't killed anyone yet at work, which i think shows maturity and restraint. although, it's only tuesday...