Sunday, 27 March 2016

hoppy easter!

it's the calm before the storm. in about twenty minutes felix and his parents and grandparents will arrive and all hell will break loose (in the best possible way). we've made an easter egg hunt with rhyming clues (and far far too much chocolate) so hopefully young felix will be entertained. i don't know if he'll have the attention span for it - we'll see how it goes. doesn't matter really - n and i had a blast making it all up so there's already been good entertainment value. we're having a brunch of hot crossed buns, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, feta and hard boiled eggs.

i tried to make natural easter egg dyes this year (6 of them are ok but the other 6 look like something that survived the plague). the dyes were fine - red onion skins for pink, yellow onion skins for orange, red cabbage for blue. however i forgot that all our eggs here are brown so the pink ones look like burnished wood (interesting but not particularly appetising), the orange ones are ok, and the less said about the blue ones the better.

i'm starving. i might need to sample one or two of those mini eggs. you know - just to make sure they're ok :)

happy easter!


Geosomin said...

Happy Easter :)