Friday, 12 August 2011


i know - busy and all that. but this weekend, i will make up for it.

at least that is my plan. it's a fluid plan though - i'll warn you now. it could very possibly get filled up with red wine and dancing. these things happen.

i was supposed to be working tomorrow, but we got so much done during the week it is no longer necessary. the number of times this has happened is probably comparable to - i don't know - catching a bus right away without three going by in the opposite direction every day for a month. or when you have exactly the amount of yarn in a skein for the hat you meant to make, every time. or the number of times humph does NOT bark when the people who walk their spaniels at 6 am in the park next to our house blow their dog whistles. (for reference, sleepiness descends and wakefulness ascends like dripping water torture with each bark, and screaming into a pillow, 'oh for gods sake humph put a sock in it' is futile. on the plus side, i've been at work at 8am every day for weeks).

or when you decide to have a thanksgiving dinner in england and you and your partner both invite loads of people, confident in the knowledge that at least a third of them will be busy and can't make it, and it's not until the night before that you are tallying up your guest list and you realise that suddenly you are cooking for 20 and you only have 6 plates. (this was years and years ago and it all worked out perfectly but the moment of heart-dropping realisation will stay with me for a lifetime).

unusual times.