Sunday, 31 July 2011

the quiet before...

it's sunday morning, 730 am. humph is snoozing on the sofa - he will begin his "time for my 8 oclock walk" routine in about 20 minutes. this involves oversized stretches, dramatic yawns, meaningful stares in the direction of the door, and eventually a full on choral accompaniment of whining. this all turns into miraculous, scampering, whimpering joy when we put our shoes on. if i am not putting on my shoes, and look like i will stay at the table drinking coffee, humph will come and stare at me from about 6 inches away, and if that fails, will actually prod me with his (cold, wet) nose. he has an unerring knack of finding that strip of skin between the waistband of my jeans and my t-shirt. it certainly gets your attention. he's right of course, the walks are lovely and the perfect way to start a day.

but this is all ahead. right now, we relax in a sunday morning ocean of calm (and coffee).


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