Saturday, 16 July 2011

home alone*

*does the dog count?

i have a very unusual, luscious evening all to myself tonight. it's not often i get time here alone anymore, so when i do it's a bit of a treat. i am guessing that this is a treat that would wear off quickly and this post should in no way be read as tempting fate, but - you know - once in a while - it is nice.

i am listening to the tUnE-yArDs album, WHOKILL, and i'm enjoying it immensely. i read a review of it on a blog this morning, went onto spotify, and am now listening to the album. just like that. amazing.

n is playing a wedding this evening - a country-western themed lesbian wedding. they have a bull ride, a hog roast, and, apparently, more stetsons than you could shake a stick at. he was really looking forward to it -and you have to admit, it sounds like fun. were i the marrying type, that's the sort of thing i would go for. fingers crossed that it's all going well.

(if i were the marrying type, i'd skip everything but the entertainment and hire richard cheese and a great well stocked bar with bartender and we would all dance into oblivion to cheesy versions of so-called pop culture and even though i would still spend the same as those "this is the most wonderful day of my life" freaks we would have way. more. fun.)

when i told my mom about my evening of solitude (*) on our weekly phone call (we live far away but keep up remarkably - were we to live in the same country we would not converse with anything like this frequency. odd, no?), she laughed and said i'd probably be asleep in half an hour.

she's so misguided. it'll be at least 45 minutes.