Thursday, 18 August 2011

my yarn hates me

noro stripy socks are much harder to knit than they would appear. correction. nice-looking noro stripy socks are much harder. dog vomit stripes are remarkably easy, as it turns out. the idea is that you take this fabulous yarn that changes colour (dramatically but slowly) and you split the skein, then knit socks in 4-row stripes and the colours will magically stripe into stripy brilliance. there were no dog vomit stripes on the ravelry project pages, but dog vomit stripes were indeed what i achieved. so i frogged them. i don't think you could make socks that ugly if you tried.

which pretty much sums up my day.

it poured. my shoes leak. i have been looking at new shoes for (EVER) a few weeks but due to indecision and a pathological urge that only allows me to justify spending money on wine and yarn i did not buy any and now, in my hour of need, i am of wet and soggy feet. work is incredibly work-ish at the moment, and we are out of homemade wine. i read today that this is the 5th consecutive wet summer in the uk. london, london - why do you make it so hard to love you sometimes?

on the upside, it's thursday. and we still have port (*grin*)