Sunday, 14 August 2011

peoples, i have accomplished much on this glorious (unexpected) free weekend. the merit of said accomplishments will be left to the reader, of course, but i am content.

so, in no particular order:

- i finished n's socks which have been languishing, all for want of a kitchener stitch graft to the toe and heel. kitchener grafting, for me, takes fortitude and concentration, two things not forthcoming over the past two weeks (can something be forthcoming in the past?)

- i have started a cowl for myself which will require a full 58 stitch kitchener graft to finish. i am either hopelessly optimistic about my ability to pick up knitting skills or a complete idiot who doesn't mind wearing wonky cowls.

- we went to a play. and i remembered, yet again, that i far prefer reading or listening rather than watching. but still, am OBVIOUSLY more cultured now.

- i slept in till 8 o'clock yesterday morning and then had coffee in bed with a good book (bliss).

- i finished and blocked baby hat and blanket for a friend - and it looks lovely. (no kitchener stitch)

- we biked up to the shipwright and sat on the sea bank with our pints watching boats - and we saw a seal! first time :)

- this morning, i made two great omelets - gruyère and ham - usually i mess up the first one, but this morning - omelet utopia.

- i didn't get into a fight with anyone about the riots (considerably more difficult than it sounds).

- i sat outside in the garden, in the sunshine, feet up, glass of white port to hand, and read the papers (more bliss).

now, after a quick bath, we will wander down to the anchor to check out green diesel, the band of a friend of a friend's.

all hail the unexpected weekend!


Geosomin said...

Omelette utopia and a seal all in one weekend?
Sounds lovely!