Thursday, 20 January 2011

socks and drugs and rock'n'roll

i knit a sock!!!!!!

yep - i know it's blurry. but even in it's befuddled state, it is, undeniably, a sock. another synonym for blurry is woolly. how appropriate.

i am so proud of this sock - it was so much fun to knit - i can even overlook the fact that it is (somehow! ha ha) not perfect.

now of course i have to make another sock. this will be fine. i'm totally not the kind of person that's going to lose interest as soon as the tricky bit is done and leave half-finished projects moping desolately about the house (cough mitten cough). no - of course not. a finisher, that's what i am (cough lacy scarf cough).

excuse me my conscience needs a lozenge.

(ps and yep - i did just change the title of this from stitch london's fab "keep calm and carry yarn" to what you see now. it had to be done.)


Geosomin said...

I was amused when going through the attic at home to find a half a sweater I had tried to knit back in university. Shame there wasn't any yarn left with it...Only had two sleeves and the front. Proof of my short attention span :)

I am most impressed about the sock. And your hat too. They're really nice. How do you make a sock...a string needle? 4 needles? I'm very curious...

Geosomin said...

Oh - what about making one of these? :P

grapecat said...

so cute in a totally saving the world way