Monday, 3 January 2011

bedtime he says

uh huh i say

(look from him which says, hey - it's not me who has to get up at 620am tomorrow morning after 11 days of seldom opening the eye shutters before 9am and even then under duress, and not me who has to have an entire set of post-apocalyptic floor layout designs ready for a big meeting next week who has not even started data-crunching for such plans yet because the whole week before xmas was lost in mulled wine, bad dancing, and mince pies, and not me who has an entire move (albeit small, but complicated) to organise for saturday, and, ha ha too bad that you - unlike me - don't naturally wake up at 6am all lively and full of beans)

now i may be reading too much into it, but only in the detail.

i hate it when he's right like that.

happy back-to-work.

(but - oh - what a lovely holiday!)


Geosomin said...

I know...last night I simply could not get to bed at a regular time.
I fear that so many lovely days off have spoiled me.
I woke up this morning at 5:20 like "normal" but I confess I was less than full of beans...but here we go. Back in with both feet...

But it was so worth it all :)
I feel like I've been on holiday for a month!

grapecat said...


i have never had any beans at that hour, unless I was viewing it from the other end. Your fortitude is amazing (and - uhm - slightly sickening - are you stealing willpower from other sources in the universe? is there a dark underbelly to all of this? although - i guess almost everything is dark at FIVE TWENTY IN THE MORNING!)