Saturday, 4 December 2010

arrrggghhh - oranges

i'm allergic to oranges. how stupid is that? i think it's so stupid that i constantly test it, or at least i test it every two or three years or however long it takes me to forget the discomfort and low-level pain not to mention the appearance-disfiguring effects that accompany my attempts to sample this particular citrus.

so last night, in lovely company, i partook of a mug of yummy mulled cider. with oranges as it turns out. o well i thought. tastes very nice. awfully nice actually. i only had the one glass with the orange bit - the rest i made do with brandy and warm cider (deprived, i'm sure you'll agree).

but lo,

i'm still allergic to oranges.

24 hours later, i am the proud bearer of bee-stung (ouch) lips, and a rapidly spreading rash.

at least i didn't throw up this time.

maybe i'm growing out of it.


Geosomin said...

I am too...I feel your pain. I had too much of it in uni and made myself allergic.
Every few christmases I think "oh how bad was it really?" and when someone offers me a (delicious) christmas orange I give for me I have killer migraine. If it's een cooked I react less...gut still. Love them. Miss them...and whenever I have a (now rare) migraine if I can at all keep food down I will seek out an orange and have one, beacuse really? What do I have to lose...

I have a helluva time with ciders and such over holidays, as checking for OJ is a PITA...
I can't imagine the rashy swollen lip reaction. Does not sound like any fun at all.

This time of year I make the lack of OJ a very good reason to make lots of mulled wine instead :)

Hope you're feeling better.