Sunday, 12 December 2010

sunday morning

it's sunday morning and i have nothing i need to do today. no papers to write, no classes to read for, no projects to oversee, no attendance-required social engagements -


with a nagging feeling of guilt. am i missing something? two years of master's studying plus working equals a highly developed inner voice that runs a constant, murmuring background loop of "shouldn't you be ...". shouldn't you be reading? shouldn't you be starting to research your paper? shouldn't you be looking for material? shouldn't you be....

i need to re-train it. right now it would be useful for it to be prodding me to get off my arse and make omelets for breakfast while there is decent radio listening - that so-easily-missed hour between sunday service and the dreaded archers omnibus. if missed, it is radio exile until quarter past eleven.

and yes i know there are other radio stations than radio 4, but i've always considered this to be extraneous information, because, really, cooking and radio 4 are inseparable at molecular level. unless the archers are on.


Geosomin said...

I have found certain bands and CDs make for best breakfast results:
So far...
muffins - Atomic 7, any album
french toast - Pink Martinis, any album
Pancakes - Lemon Jelly, Ky
Breakfast burritos - Coldplay, Parachutes
The jury is still out on omelletes...Allthough Gomez "How We Operate" and the Beastie Boys "In Sound from Way Out" is moving up the list...

OK. I'm avoiding studying. Back to it...