Friday, 26 November 2010

oh - did i mention?

library fine paid.
results received last week.

(drum roll please)

76 on the dissertation (thunk)

a degree average of 69.33%. just under the 70% average needed for a distinction.

am i grateful? well, yes, but still - there is a part of me (squeaking due to being heavily sat on) that is gutted to miss it by so little. even though i figured i wasn't any where near a distinction before, and never dreamed i'd come so close.

in other news i have just made n sit through the entire song of "summer holiday" by dj miker g and dj sven on the off chance that they may have mentioned more place names than london, new york city and amsterdam. they don't. it was awful, granted. i don't know if n was more appalled at the music or by the fact that i knew far more of the lyrics then mere coincidence would suggest.

the quest for place names is an ongoing obsession of mine to find songs that list multiple places. the above atrocity does not count as three places do not qualify for list status. so far i have 11 songs - any more for me?


Geosomin said...

Sure. Now it's in my head...

"we are going on a summer holiday...."

oh dear...

I'm so glad you did so well on your dissertation. When do you get a fancy piece of paper for framing up?

I'll be on pins and needles until I get my class grades back for this semester...1 week of slavery left this term. Huzzah!

portobellosteph said...

the song "let's go everywhere" will totally make your day if you don't know it already :-) sorry, can't remember who sings it...