Tuesday, 3 January 2017

reading and writing

happy new year and all that jazz.

i'm not too into resolutions but i am a planning and goal junkie so it's easy to get caught up in things this time of year. i do want to write more though. i've been quite lazy (oh - you noticed!) and i've been reading - online reading (which does not count i think) - not novels or anything useful. facebook, link bait, blogs, more link bait, newspaper op eds, anything to enable me to crash on the sofa and not have to think too much. needless to say this is not making me any happier. i would be a lot better off writing something instead no matter how inane. you on the other hand may not be better off with my new plan and may have to stop reading and go write something yourself! good luck.

it's a transition day today. it should be a work day but i was working from home and frankly worked more around home than from it (prepositions matter, kids). i've had 17 days holiday (the last 12 with the lovely n) and i now have the concentration span of a drunk puppy. we've gone for long walks, drank a lot of wine, eaten a lot of very good food, and even went to a few parties. we've done jigsaws and watched movies and baked and eaten some more. it's been good. i don't want it to stop. this is perfect - maybe this is my passion! do what you love and all that.  i love laying about - eating cheese and drinking wine. why is that never a long-term option? i need to work on that. career goals - i have them.

london town tomorrow - back to the big smoke - always a shock after almost three weeks of rural bliss.

i'm going to have to put on pants and everything.



Geosomin said...

I'm all for the wine and cheese gign too :)