Friday, 9 December 2016


it's been a strange week. i've had to think a lot about what is actually important to me, and what i value, but i'm finding this is going head-to-head with my sense of responsibility and, at a more base level, i suppose, greed. (it sounds so much better when you call it a sense of responsibility, no?!)

i think i made the right decision - i'm pretty sure i did - but - but - but - it's one thing to think about earning copious amounts of money metaphorically - it's another entirely when it's actually offered to you. which it more or less was. in a job offer for a bank. doing more or less what i do now - but for a bank (a very very big bank).

aaaaannnnd - i've declined. more than one of my acquaintances has expressed their disbelief at this decision. (it all happened at work through one of our ex-colleagues - there was no way to keep a lid on it.) i myself wonder if it is a sign of extreme sanity or insanity. and i know - it is sanity - but i wonder if maybe in this life a little insanity is what we all actually need. maybe i really am looking a gift horse in the mouth. or maybe i understand the true value of life and live accordingly.

or maybe - it actually doesn't matter and the timing just wasn't right and opportunities come again and you don't have to weave a damn philosophy around it.

it's the last one isn't it?


Geosomin said...

See? This is one of the reasons why you're a great person :)
Sometimes it's just not right.... I bet it was tough to turn down $$ but sometimes it's not worth it. I like to think that you will be happier where you are...and that another thing like this could come up again - but when it's the right time. Recently a job I'd love came up here at the university but the boss was an ass and the department is I decided to stay where I am -part of me regrets it but I know that I wouldn't have enjoyed it there at the end of the day.My work environment, if a bit boring and underpaid, is a happy one where I feel appreciated and can go home at the end of the day with a smile on my face most days.
And after this week I've had reaffirmed to me that there are a lot of things important in my life that have nothing to do with money or things....
It's all about the smiles. At the end of the day a job is a job, but life is so much more :)