Thursday, 13 August 2015

so. tired.

i know an insane man who swears that early morning runs "set you up for the rest of the day". I got up at 6 (6! a.m.!) and was out the door for a 40 minute run by 645 (645! a.m.!) and i can faithfully report that my early morning run set me up for a day of tired legs, sore back, yawns, and a reliance on coffee that - in dependence stakes - would rival liberace's glitter fetish. if this is energised i'd hate to see the flip side. it gets better, right? (just say yes. smile and nod. this is not the time for truth or honesty).

on the up side i'm working from home tomorrow which means no trains - no london - no hordes - no "southeastern apologies for the delay and hopes it will not cause too great an inconvenience". and then it's the weekend (and a 50 minute run on saturday but we are resolutely NOT going to think about that right now).  tonight we're over to our friends h&j for supper - they've just come back from 2 weeks in denmark so it will be fun hearing all about it. i will get a second wind and drink too much wine and eat too much cheese and will realise once again that running is never going to make me thin if i carry on like this in the evening, and then decide (again) that i really couldn't care less.

happy (almost-so-close-you-can-practically-taste-it-but-not-quite) weekend