Sunday, 16 August 2015

a very english day

the brass band played on the broadstairs bandstand this afternoon. it was my first bandstand as last summer i worked every weekend so missed them all and so far this summer, two have been rained out.

today the weather was perfect - lovely and sunny but not too hot. we had a great programme - we play a mix of marches and old stuff (ww2 songs go down particularly well with our often slightly ageing (ahem) audience). we also do more modern pop-y stuff - happy by pharell williams, abba, etc - and then a few swing-y ones like the bare necessities and new york new york. the crowd loved it, the sun shone, and graeme, our conductor, said so many horrific things to the audience that we nearly fell off the bandstand but it was funny and they loved it.

i don't think you can get more english than a brass band on a bandstand in a seaside town in august.

i even bought a new sun hat! (pink ribbon to be replaced forthwith)

now somehow the weekend is nearly over and we stand staring into the gaping maw of monday. but not quite yet. not quite yet.


Geosomin said...

Looks like a marvelous day...