Thursday, 12 September 2013

the old days

the old boys and dog were sitting on the bench on the side of the rec ground when we walked humph this afternoon. we see them often - n stops to talk to them sometimes. the one on the left tells us stories of what faversham used to be like when he was a boy. the war was the most exiting thing that ever happened to him, he says, and you can see how that would probably be true for young boy. he tells us how they used to light lanterns and put them out in the marshes at night. faversham was under blackout, and hopefully any german bombers coming back from london with un-dropped bombs would drop them on the marsh and not on the town. when they heard the planes, he and his mates would rush out to watch the dog fights. the war is still very recent history here. he gestures across the rec ground and describes how it was once surrounded by wrought iron railings. he doesn't quite say that it was better in the old days.


SOGNO said...

L'argomento รจ interessante, ma l'interesse dovrebbe ancora essere stimolato con la partecipazioni di soggetti competenti, magari piu informati, mi auguro che altri provino ad esprimere pareri pertinenti e puntuali..