Saturday, 7 September 2013

home alone

n has a gig tonight and i am enjoying a delightful glorious evening on my own. almost on my own. ok it's  humph and i - and frankly it would just be weird if he wasn't here. he really is a gem - i had to work this morning (it's never good when you are setting your alarm with the first digit of 4, is it?) and when i got home i was tired and a bit fed up and humph gave me some seriously lovely cuddles and - slightly less welcome - what can only be described as forensic kisses. the world was suddenly a better, if somewhat soggier place.

now humph sleeps and i am luxuriating in space and time and a guilt-free viewing of the great british bake off. i miss being alone - even though i seldom do anything with it but read, or watch bad telly. it was one of my favourite parts about studying (i mean after student bars developing my mind obviously). if all goes well n will be gigging a lot more and i will doubtless begin complaining about all these evenings but i think that will take awhile. until then you will find me happily slurping wine, eating my dinner with my fingers, and reading till way past my bedtime.

ps: i'm so used to having someone here that i just walked into the kitchen and asked, "do you want to eat?"
then i answered yes.
and then realised it was just me....


Geosomin said...

It's nice isn't it?
JJ works a lot of weekends and although it can get a bit too quiet I always have so many grand schemes and then find in the end I usually make one thing before I wind down to sip wine and read.