Thursday, 22 September 2011

still crazy after all these...

pints? moves? hare-brained schemes? jobs?

jobs. oh yes. jobs.

i may have made a mistake today. ok let me re-phrase that. i undoubtedly made about a million mistakes today because i am so busy and so behind at work frankly it's amazing anyone gets moved at all but there you go. somehow it all gets done and we move on.

i have always been surfing for other jobs in a sort of well-you-never-know sort of vein - i love where i work but the job security is dicey and there is no holiday/sick pay so it leaves us a bit open should something nasty happen. it has been very quiet on the job front (ha ha - that must be one of the understatements of the year!), but, like buses, three showed up all at once. once was easily discounted, one has progressed to talking offers (no actual offer yet), and one was waiting for me to write a covering statement about why i was so fab for the role yada yada yada.

you know - i am actually so bored by this i can't even write about it. i can't imagine how bored you must be. suffice to say, i trashed one of them in before receiving a firm offer from another. perhaps this will come back to bite me, perhaps not. this afternoon, it was just a way of getting it off my to-do list. this evening, i am full of self doubt. how dull.

here's something that's not dull - ever since we went sailing last Sunday, my legs have been itchy, and they are coming up in weird hard lumps and welts that look just like some tiny sea parasite has laid dime-sized eggs under my skin and they are just waiting to hatch. i looked it up - there is a parasite like that, but it leaves wavy lines, and it's not in the sea. yet. what could it be? sand flies? wet-suit allergy? parasite in wetsuit? it's odd. and uncomfortable. and it's not getting any better.

by the way you wouldn't believe the google results you get from the search terms in the above paragraph. wow.


Geosomin said...

hmmm...wonder if you're allergic to the wetsuit? I know -just rent one and walk around in it all day (I'd pay to see that) and see how it goes :)
...Did N get a reaction too or just you?

Good luck with the whole job thing. It's a tricky thing to try and maneuver around all that sort of stuff. It would be hard to decide to either move on to somewhere else or stay where you are. In research there isn't a lot of choice in the matter, so I don't really have a lot of experience in that kind of thing...