Tuesday, 6 September 2011

faversham hop festival

phew! what a weekend! here's a few pics from the hop festival to give you a flavour...

i love the hats of the morris dancers - such amazing feathers and costumes.

here's a traditional group dancing in front of the phoenix.

there are also not-so traditional groups - even biker and goth morris dancers! these guys have their faces in black to represent the coal mines (and probably for scary effect as well!)

the hop truck

the garden of the anchor. to the left is a large stage where great bands played. we were dancing here friday night and most of saturday afternoon.

yummy. hog roast at the railway.

this is the brewery stage, the band on the stage is sur les docks, an energetic french punk/folk band. the weather was beautiful all day saturday and the crowds were huge.

new year, new hops. we live in an oast house - hops are a requirement! this is our kitchen window. the old hops will be burned on the next fire. the smell of the new hops wafts through the whole house.


Geosomin said...

I bet it smells wonderful in the kitchen with all the hops...