Wednesday, 4 May 2011

the joy of jet lag

i was tired all day.
i fell asleep on the train on the way home.
i fell asleep for a minute in the bath.
then i crawled into bed and laid there for two hours wide awake listening to n snore.
jet lag has a sadistic sense of humour.

i've given up for a bit and come downstairs for a glass of wine and a whine (ha ha - see - sleep deprived - sorry). i'm always like this flying out this way. i thought i'd escaped it this time because thanks to going all sunday night and monday with no sleep, i slept ok on monday night. n woke me up at 1030 am tuesday (good thing - i would have slept all day), and last night i slept more or less. but tonight, alas, it has caught up to me.

i will try again in a bit, and will probably just lay there until i do eventually fall asleep. it's more getting up for work that will be nasty, but it's temporary and by the weekend i should be back in uk time all together.

i had a great trip and i'm so glad i went, but it's good to be back home. although winnipeg is not a city i would recommend for its architecture or its nightlife, it does have some things going for it. the rivers are magical to some extent, i think. people are very friendly. i can personally recommend the hendricks gin martinis at the rooster in osborne village after a happy evening guzzling and laughing with the most awesomest geo. (the only place btw that was not playing 80s rock music).

my parents are dealing with dad's illness in a way that makes me so proud of both of them. we needed to be together though - like that - it was important. some things you need to see for yourself to understand. it was hard to say good bye but i left, confident that we will handle whatever comes, together.