Monday, 2 May 2011

flight inconveniences

in winnipeg it is 3 am. in london it is 9 am. i should be landing in london at 1230pm. instead i am in toronto, where it is 4am, and i am waiting for my flight to reconvene. it all started well, my flight from winnipeg left on time, and i made the connection with no problems. we boarded, the plane was full, and then we sat. and sat. and sat.

first it was something to do with the engine. then someone left the flight and they needed to find his luggage. by that time the pilots would have been on too long and they needed a new crew. then after a few hours of waiting for them they booted us all off and gave us hotel or food vouchers. then the hotel coach broke down. i figured i might as well hang out in the airport, and i was starving.

the only restaurant open is a greasy monstrosity called the yorkville grill (the name is by far the most promising thing about it). they had cheeseburgers or chicken finger burgers. that's it. and no beer. or rather, they did have beer, glistening amorously behind glass but they do not serve after 2am. so no drinks, no sleep, and i actually ate chicken fingers.

of course, it could be alot worse. the woman sitting next to me is flying out because her brother died this weekend and she is trying to get to her family. there are alot of families with young children, and older people who will be having a tough time managing this. i am only tired, and will recover easily enough with a night or two of sleep (and BEER!)

the flight will ostensibly leave toronto at 8 am. we'll see. i hope so. all in all, it has been a wonderful trip but dreadful traveling. better than the reverse i suppose.