Wednesday, 13 April 2011

wow - you really do laugh later

we are sitting at our table, eating a really lovely bean soup that n has made. (aside: this version is with tinned white beans as n has burned the living daylights out of the soaked batch - a fact which a: i could identify walking up the path to the house by smell alone and b: made me laugh rather unsympathetically as i have done the same thing more times than you could count). it is still light, and we have been admiring the sun on the trees - in that particular luminescent spring light that you get at this time of year. suddenly the windows rattle and two cars pull into the rec ground parking lot on the other side of our fence, booming bass and blasting a hip-hop-grime monstrosity. we roll our eyes and make droll comments about others' music tastes.

we then get to reminiscing about other loud near-the-house music atrocities. the winner by a long way, is the couple last summer in the same parking lot. i assume they were a couple. all i know for sure is that at 430 one summer morning, we were flung into a horrible confusing awakeness by the incredibly loud playing of whitney houston's bodyguard soundtrack (i think that was what it was, anyways). it took us a good 5 minutes to figure out why we were even awake, and other 2 or 3 to locate the thousand decibel warble of "and i-i-i--i-i---ii--will always love youuuuuuuuuuu". i think they were making out to this. the mind shudders, really.

i had forgotten about this, and at the time, we were actually considering intervention (it's amazing what seems logical at such an hour, an many circumstances). but it did make us laugh, finally.