Sunday, 10 April 2011


*with apologies to my fellow canadians, to whom spring is still just a vicious unconfirmed rumor...

spring has descended with a vengeance on the uk. the evidence is incontrovertible.

fact: every teenager in faversham is wearing short-shorts and proudly bearing sunburnt d├ęcolletage even though they really still need a light weight cardigan.

fact: tesco's is selling half easter eggs, half charcoal (not together - that would be one hell of mixed message probably more suited to christmas)

fact: we've had two bbq's in two days.

fact: birds, bees, and leaves on the trees.

english spring is a beautiful thing, and a "mini-heatwave" (bbc - a high of 22 - unfortunately they very well may be correct) needs to be inhaled and used up as there have been entire summers that never got this hot or this sunny.

so i am sitting outside in our garden, beside a fire and the remains of a bbq. i am still wearing a fleece but i am sockless, which feels like a sliver of freedom. we have spent the afternoon in the elephant's beer garden, and i needed a hat and sunscreen. i can hear random people singing - can't tell if it's football related or the group of (probably now quite drunk) teenagers hanging out in the park. i am full of lamb kofta and wine. katie is leaning out of her upstairs oast window watching her cat being taunted by two magpies. humph is watching developments with interest. the leaves on the trees around the oast are just-out - bright lime zest green and glowing in the late afternoon sunshine.

welcome spring - i missed you. don't forget to ring your friend summer, eh?


Geosomin said...

That sounds wonderful.

Spring is sneaking in sideways here. The warmth is coming...bit by bit. So glad...