Wednesday, 30 March 2011

welcome to crazy town - population you

life has gone nuts. some good, some bad, all nuts. i mean honestly, do i bloody look like a squirrel? apparently, i can't even spell squirrel. thank god for spell checkers. (ha ha - you don't even want to know how i tried to spell that!!) i can spell, actually, mostly. i just have momentary lapses. you know, the last company i worked for used lotus notes for their email, and it always used to bug me in a particularly pedantic way that the lotus notes spell checker couldn't recognise the word email. after gritting my teeth for the millionth time i finally decided it was probably some techie's idea of a joke.


work is crazy. officially. it has been veering in that direction for some time but it has, without a doubt, hit the tipping point. the local gov't council that i work for is trying to undertake major cost saving exercises, several major directorate-wide restructures which include redundancies, a new revamped customer services programme, at year end. what could possibly go wrong? it's like working inside a manual of how not to do things.

i am only in the periphery, thank heavens, but it's amazing how much crazy drifts out from the centre. it is making it almost impossible to deliver the moves i need to do this weekend, and on top of this i am supposed to be trying to write one directorate's property strategy which, in this climate, is a farce. strategy is not even an option right now.

i am still waiting to hear if i am going to be taken away from all this into a new kind of crazy. dream job interview went ok - i think - it's hard to tell. it was scary. and difficult. and i had to answer questions like "what, in your opinion, would be the most important lease issues to consider for a twenty-person regional office in Kazakhstan?" (take that spell checker!) but i did my best and i did like the director a lot, which is good. either way, it's ok.

other things are crazy too - i fly out to winnipeg on the 21st. that is a different kind of crazy all together. more rabid squirrel than garden-variety nuts.(nope - still can't spell squirrel).

well as my mom always says, this too shall pass. my days are certainly flying by and i have to admit - i'm not even a teensy bit bored. exhausted, knackered, frustrated, and maybe slightly manic - but not bored.


Geosomin said...

The train to whackadoo is full of squirrels.

One of them stole my nuts.

It's OK. I have plenty.