Friday, 18 March 2011

happy news

i have happy news!

a few weeks ago i applied for a dream job - the kind you apply for thinking - well - it's never going to happen but hey, why not go for it? good practice and all that.

the application was its own special circle of hell with questions like "why would you like to work at ______? Please explain, in no more than 300 words" and "in no more than 200 words, please describe your motivation for applying for this role".

it took me an entire afternoon. i actually used the word "relish". i wrote my heart on my sleeve.

deadline was 13 march and, hearing nothing, i figured well, nothing lost. perhaps in future i should tone down my enthusiasm.

today i got a call for an "initial interview". it's on wednesday (squeak).

i am now using words such as "delighted", "ecstatic", and phrases such as "it will probably never happen but OMG you never know! maybe?" and "s**t i really need to hem the trousers of that new suit i bought in the january sale"

judging from the application form this may be just the start of a long process and should it continue i almost definitely see "team building" exercises carried out with desperate enthusiasm in front of one-way mirror glass. and it will still be worth it. i don't expect to get it, but to get called to interview for the type of job i ultimately want - well - that is reason to celebrate indeed.

wish me luck

(there's a guy at work who went through 7 (SEVEN!) interviews only to be told "we're sorry but we feel you don't have enough _____ experience." gah. enthusiasm moderation is definitely in order.)


Geosomin said...

good luck tomorrow :)

I'll cross all my fingers and toes...