Tuesday, 11 May 2010


so we're under a conservative government for the first time in 13 years. i am ideologically opposed to most of what the tories stand for, and i really can't stand this lot. the only saving grace (maybe) is which way the coalition with the lib dems lines up, if it goes through. please, please do not let george osborne be chancellor. ideally, not in the cabinet at all. that would go some way to the soothing of my soul. it should be interesting to hear how the lib dem party reacts when nick takes it to them tonight - and maybe this is churlish, but i always suspected the lib dems to swing rightward when given the opportunity. that whole orange book business was the canary in the coal mine.

at the moment though i'm going to go to bed. i need to be up early tomorrow - i snooze-alarmed past two trains on monday morning and one train this morning and tomorrow i must get up or i won't make my early meeting. the temptation to open a (large) bottle of wine is nearly overwhelming but it is only tuesday and i'll be damned if i'm going to waste my weeknight abstaining on the bloody tories. anyways i'm going to the pub tomorrow for lunch (a "brainstorming working lunch"!) so i'll save my transgressions until then.

in nicer news, i finally got around to getting a reader's pass for the british library - it was easy, and they were very nice. i'm still intimidated to the point of squeeking but i assume this will pass. i do not think, though, that i will ever be cavalier about it.

i also have a swish new hair cut, first in 5 months. my hairdresser is a fantastic no-nonsense londoner, an island of sanity in an ocean of trendy london hair fashion. she held up one lank of hair, eyed me in the mirror and said, "it's been awhile." "yes" i agreed meekly. she eyed up the tress, did some internal calculations and said accusingly, "5 months". "really?" i tried to sound surprised. she gave me a look, but no more was said. and it does look lovely now. yay to good hairdressers. i love her especially because a) she doesn't talk much, and b) has never said i should think about getting highlights. so my hair is going white. big deal. i like it this way.

that was longer than intended. i am now going to bed.


Geosomin said...

your working lunches sound much better than mine. they usually involve terrible wilted sandwiches and cheap pizza.

I'm jealous about the british library...there's books in there older than Canada I bet...