Friday, 21 May 2010

it's friday!!!!!

oh yes. a very friday sort of friday, the best kind.

i snuck out of work at 215 this afternoon (ok i didn't sneak - one of the advantages of being a contractor is that, on friday, at any time, you get to say, "see you monday" and no one is allowed to say anything but "have a good weekend". we don't get holiday or sick pay but we do get that). unfortunately "due to signaling problems in the gravesend area" my train sat at st pancras for 45 minutes, but i remained stoic, resolutely watching mad men episodes until my laptop ran out of battery.

the wool i'd ordered was waiting for me when i (finally) arrived home - and it is wonderful lovely strings of candy-like potential that i will doubtless fail to draw out, but it will be my first proper project, one that i am making up myself, and i don't care. i'm just excited and can't wait to have a go. or two or three or four.... i'll keep you posted until it gets monotonous. (just don't mention the hat)

two happy pints at the elephant in the late afternoon sunshine, and now out in our garden, admiring the frankly spectacular show of leaves the trees have put on this year. spring has been so late here - last year we were doing this in april, but now that it's here (please be here) it is worth the wait.

this weekend the forecast is sun sun sun. i don't have to work (get thee behind me, dissertation) and i plan on soaking up every last ray of it.

yay friday!

yay weekend!

yay exclamation marks! i know i use them too much but - hey!