Tuesday, 9 June 2009

you'll be happy to know

that i've snapped out of sanctimonious self-pitying bullshit mode and have reverted back to my general oh well better get on with it mentality.

these days i am spending my mornings doing job-hunting sort of stuff - emailing long lost colleagues, agencies, trawling through job sites - it's fun, oh yes. that is once i get up - which i have this sort of delusion that i do at 8 am to join n and the dawg for the morning walk. what actually happens is n comes back into our bedroom (he has been up for HOURS at this point) and i sometimes don't wake up at all, or if i do, i mumble, what, 8 o'clock already? and roll over and snooze for another hour, because i can. 11 hours of sleep a night, people. it's a beautiful thing. i haven't slept this much since i was a teenager and i love it.

afternoons are spent foraging (elderflowers at this time of year, soon gooseberries and cherries), running errands, trying out new recipes, like this artisan bread in 5 min a day thing which is cool, or will be once i figure out the right moisture balance so i can make loaves instead of discs.

tonight i taught n how to play dutch blitz, on a pack i rescued, forlorn, from my parents' box of board/card games last time i was in canada. ironically, for a game that i am guessing was designed to keep good mennonites (or whatever) away from evil cards, it will make a great pub game. i'd love to say i trounced him, but he is a quick bastard and picks up on games remarkably quickly.

it's all good, or good enough, anyways.


Geosomin said...

Glad to hear it...I can't kick your ass from this far away :)

Dutch blitz. Man I haven't played that since high school. It *would* make a good pub game. We've been playing Wixard lately a lot at the pub (a variation on canasta)...hmmm, I wonder if you can still buy Dutch Blitz?

Artisan breads? Yum. I tend to make more bricks than bread...I keep overbaking it. I could break down and get cheating. I keep trying to make gluten free baking to prove to Karen that you can bake well without gluten...I've got the muffin thing down cold, but the bread still eludes me...

Geosomin said...

I mean Wizard...sheesh.

Geosomin said...

Also, should say "I could break down and get a breadmaker, but that would be cheating..."
Sorry. I'm still half awake here.