Thursday, 4 June 2009

well hello

i've begun the inevitable. i've begun looking for paid employment. i've been putting this off, but my inner task master (damn you! DAMN YOU!!!) has demanded action and i have thus coughed up. i have been enjoying my holiday - i have been enjoying my holiday so much that enjoying sounds like some sort of euphemism. i have been reveling, lolling, nay, luxuriating in my holiday.

i was going to write about the horror of hearing my voice slip back into work mode, and the tenseness that came with it, and the feeling of education that comes from finally working out a bit how the whole networking thing works so i'm working names properly (i hope) for a change, but -


we have to do these things. and believe me, i know i'm lucky to have these things to do. i do know that. it's not just hard work. i was lucky to be born into a family where a work ethic was taught and expected, and where i saw everyone around me work, and work hard, and teach me how to work hard. and my friends and family who support me and are proud of me and cheer me on. i know, and i'm grateful. and i don't mind working hard.


our corporate model is corrupt and dangerous, and benefits no one but those lucky enough to be at the top, and i do mean lucky. it's not right. it's not justified. and by participating i am complicit.

so i am proceeding with a heavy heart, like in so many things. is this age? maturity? the gradual weight of your heart until you are stooped and shuffling?


Geosomin said...

"the gradual weight of your heart until you are stooped and shuffling?". So bleak my dear...'s just the necessary evil of workitude to allow you to do the other things you like. If you're lucky, what you do is rather enjoyable...sometimes the whole "adultness" of it all can get to you...and the corporate bullshit? Well...I'm lucky labrats are exempt from a large part of that, but it's rediculous how things would think the recent corporate collapse of the entire financial world would cause people to look at things differently...but unfortunately the greedy pnces at the top of the scale are unscathed by it the same old same old will continue. I like to think people will learn to cooperate and share...

Best to have a martini (shaken not stirred), put on your pith helmet and wade back into the madness as sanely as you can...