Friday, 28 November 2008

My Optimism Runneth Over


yup - it's been one of THOSE weeks. A few of them, actually. And now, that particular section of chaos is reprieved for two days and I feel delightfully, air-ily happy.

I managed to get home at, what these days, passes for an early hour, and I had the delight of sharing my train carriage with a group of cheery men who, one by one, disappeared with bags and reappeared dressed in outrageous costumes. One returned in full father christmas regalia, another in what could possibly be described as Studio 54 meets Blaxpoitation pimp meets a rather shocking amount of pink leopardskin. It was something. I love on-train entertainment! I have no idea where they were going but I bet they're going to have a fun weekend.

In two weeks tomorrow my lovely parents arrive from their winter wonderland of winnipeg to spend xmas with us - I am getting excited, and also am starting to panic slightly. In a good way. Events like this completely shatter my laid-back, cool veneer and expose me for the control freak that lurks beneath. This evening, I actually said the following sentence - " but that bathmat would match the towels nicely" ! I know! I am channeling my mother. Already. By the time she leaves I'll probably be painting my nails and talking about the merits of cableknit. I'll keep you posted on my transformation.

But for now, I am slurping a cheap-but-surprisingly-robust Rioja and reveling in the gloriousness that is a friday evening. Loads of reading for my next class? Well, that's later! Massive cleaning to do before parental units appear? Lots of time! Essay to research? No problem! There's still Sunday!

whoo hoo!


Geosomin said...

Step away from the bathmat, maam.

You need more wine...stat.

Anonymous said...

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