Friday, 21 November 2008


Actual conversation at work today:
Boss: You were right, (then somewhat sarcastically) you're always right. Thats because you're a woman
Grapecat: Yes, I am always right. But not because I'm a woman, but because I'm SMART.
I should add, boss is trying to wind me up and laughed very hard at my reply.
According to some website that apparently analyses your writing to see if what you write is written by a male or a female (phrasing it like that does rather point to the ludicrousness of the whole thing, no?) it is 60% likely that the author of this blog is male. This is news to me. Though perhaps it explains my inherent smartness (see above). good grief.

yes of course I put my blog address in even though I knew it was a) stupid and b) arbitrary (like most gender difference crap). Inquiring minds want to know, even when they are reasonably sure it will just piss them off. Completely sure, because if it has told me that I write like a woman, I would have thought, well what does THAT mean? Maybe I don't write enough about shoes. Actually, I'm going to try that. Lets see if my womanly score improves after this:

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