Monday, 19 September 2016

kitchen part eleventy billion

are you as sick of this as i am? I suppose i haven't posted that much about it - but it does seem endless at the moment. we have kitchen in every room of the house except the kitchen:

the english weather is not exactly cooperating with our eating outside strategy:

and i feel quite eeyorish because i have a terrible terrible hangover today. which is bad on many levels not least that i am 42 years old and really ought to know better. i do know better. i ran the faversham 10k race again yesterday morning and when it was finished, instead of stretching or eating a good meal, i wolfed down rice cakes and cheese and headed to the pub where i proceeded to get, well, frankly, pissed as a newt (a very squiffy happy newt) with the running club. i deserve how i feel today and i will never do this again but oh - i am being punished, i promise you. i did knock almost 5 minutes off of my time from last year though!

meanwhile i may never drink again (see? this is a serious hangover). in all serious i think i may have a drinking break. my body has been yelling at me all day and i think i'd better listen.

in kitchen news (arghhhhhhhhh!) the electrician who was supposed to come today has postponed until wednesday; the floor goes down tomorrow; and terry has painted the walls a lurid green that he swears is the swatch i picked but - well - we'll see. i am in no condition to consider it today.


Geosomin said...
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Geosomin said...

Oy I know the feeling. Sympathies. After Jay's cousin's stagette where I foolishly tried to keep up with heavily drinking 20 somethings I paid for it dearly and vowed to never drink again. But...yes I do...just not to floorlicking levels anymore heheh. I've found lately I end up as the driver at the end of the night or having somewhere I need to be at and be useful the next morning has kept me sane since going utterly wobbly since far so good. :)