Sunday, 28 August 2016

august bank holiday

i am sitting very contentedly in our little patio garden. i have a glass of wine, a bowl of olives (the italian ones stuffed with bits of anchovy - salt in salt - yum). i'm waiting for n to come back from a gig this afternoon but i can tell from google maps that he is still at the pub they were playing in. (h says this is technically stalking - but i disagree. it's because n always leaves his phone location on and his home pc logged into google so when i open google maps on his pc it shows me where his phone is. useful is what it is). it does bode ill for dinner tonight though. at this rate it will be dark when he gets home and we were going to have a bbq. not impossible, but possibly unwise.

i've been out too - to our running club's summer bbq. when i walked into the pub the landlord rolled his eyes at me and gestured into the garden with his thumb - "back there, you lot" he said, somewhat despairingly. it was a fun afternoon - they're a good bunch - although pretty much what you'd expect from a running club with the unofficial motto of "a drinking club with a running problem". (note to self - i should really get someone to translate that into latin for us and put it on a tshirt).

tomorrow is a holiday in britain and we are celebrating by going to ikea. ha ha ha ha ha.the kitchen has been agreed and we are meeting an ikea kitchen planner to check through the order and make sure we haven't missed anything. if all is well we will order and the roller coaster of madness will be launched. i have come around to the idea but i am still leery of what is ahead. on the upside - it will be distracting from all the general crap life throws up and that can only be a good thing. as i get older i find myself overtaken at times with general anxiousness about life, the universe, and everything. i am currently combating this through humour, wine, work, meditation, knitting, love, and companionship - but a good dose of distraction won't go amiss.

i see from google maps that n is still in deal, where they were playing. do you think they are being mobbed by fans? "another song" someone must be bellowing. "i would love to, but my wife wants to bbq" is not a phrase likely to be uttered, is it? i hope its that and not that the car has broken down. i'd better come up with a plan b for dinner i suppose. that is a shame though we can always bbq tomorrow. best laid plans and all.

just checked again - they're on the move :). god, maybe this IS stalking.......


Geosomin said...

heheh...I'd be unable to not peek if I could track J on Google. I have enough trouble paying attention when I use the maps for my own benefit not getting distracted by watching me approach my destination. I feel like James Bond...

I think your running club sounds fabulous. The ones in my neighborhood (which I hope to join in the spring) have moved now taht the running store is gone, but they always went for coffee at the local Tim Hortons after...I think a pint would be infinitely preferable.

Hope Ikea wasn't too painful...I'm very curious to see the results.